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Always Room for a Tart

21 Nov

Coming from the Queen of Christmas, it’s taking all that have to not post about all of my fab Christmas recipes and finds. As you know, Thanksgiving isn’t my most favored holiday, and even though I’ve practically skipped over Thanksgiving in my mind, I couldn’t just skip over it completely here on FF. Although I’m already in full blown Christmas mode, there’s still a few autumn inspired desserts that I absolutely must make. This French apple tart being top of the list. Holy warm, flaky decadence!

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect Thanksgiving dessert, then head on over to The Comfort of Cooking. She doesn’t disappoint and she certainly knows how to whip up a mind blowing dessert.

The best part? Your guests will be fooled that you slaved away in the kitchen baking this good lookin’ tart, when it’s actually pretty darn quick & easy.

What dessert are you trying to squeeze in before Christmas cookie baking?

xo, ff

Hello November

2 Nov

Can you believe it’s already November? Where did the year go!? I don’t hate it though! Although I’m in full blown Christmas mode lately, I won’t completely skip over Thanksgiving here on FF. Your welcome. Even though it’s not one of my favorite holidays, there are too many decor ideas to be crafted and too many delicious pie recipes to be baked that I need to share with you!

To help kick off the Thanksgiving season, and to try to get my mind off Christmas, I purchased these Thanksgiving cards to send to my friends and family. I’m huge on mailing out holiday cards (regardless of the holiday) and these whimsically illustrated cards over at Rifle Paper Co. did not disappoint. The best part about Rifle Paper Co.? Regardless of your stationary needs, from thank you cards to place cards, they have you covered.

Stay tuned for some delicious pie recipes and DIY decor ideas here on FrillyFabulous over the next few weeks.

xo, ff


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