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A Bit of a Hoarder

24 Apr

Guys, I’m really starting to think I have a problem. So bad to the point that I may be at the early stages hoarder-ism (yes, that is now a word). Not one of those crazies that keep every item they’ve ever come in contact with, but one of those crazies that feel like it’s completely acceptable to buy every set of stationary I lay my eyes on. My addiction begins here. Yep, and here. Oh look, here too.

But you guys would tell me if I had a problem, right? Great– I thought so! But now that I think about it, having a whole room of my house dedicated to beautifully organized stationary wouldn’t be that bad, but rather a dream come true … hmm.

Really, how can you resist such beautiful pieces?

Feel free to buy them all for me. Or to find me a personal stationary artist. Choice is yours.

xx, frillyfab

Garden Wedding Soiree*

21 Apr

Happy Saturday! I love low-key, relaxing days. Especially Saturday mornings! I generally spend my early Saturday mornings sipping on my coffee and catching up on my favorite blogs. I stopped by my favorite wedding blog this AM (nope, not getting married … I’m just one of those crazypants girls who have been planning their wedding since they were 10 … I haven’t scared G away just yet, so we’re in good shape ;) )

As wedding season kicks off, I’ve been getting invitations left and right to weddings over the next couple of months. Which I’m super excited for! Now although I’m not the one getting married, I’ve always had a weak spot for all things wedding related … Truth. Just head over to my ridiculously full “Here Comes the Bride” board on pinterest and see for yourself. I came across this beautiful garden soiree and have been swooning over it even since. Sit back, relax and get ready to indulge in a whole lot of fabulous. Add in the most amazing signage and stationary I’ve ever seen in the mix and yep, you guessed it … Perfection!

xo, ff

(all images via Style Me Pretty)

I’d Like a Paperie in 2012…

28 Dec

As you all know, I love paper products. Like really love invitations, paper decor, and prints. Crazy pants status, I know … but that’s what makes me unique, right? Please say yes! Take a look at some adorable prints and party decoration ideas to help you ring in 2012 this weekend.

With my love for paper products, I think I should start considering a paperie (other than my bakery, of course).

Enjoy this beautiful day!

xo, ff

(all photos via)

My stationary obsession is getting a little out of control…

29 Nov

I’m pretty sure the amount of stationary I bought over the weekend calls for an intervention. Seriously, no sane person buys 6+ packs of different stationary. I wish I was kidding. Among my stationary shopping frenzie? Those little beauties above that I snatched up on Cyber Monday (ya’ll know me by now, I can’t turn down a great deal…). Although they came with a great price tag, hopefully, these witty note cards are the last of my stationary craze. Fingers crossed!

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? Head on over to Button Landia to grab some of these quirky cards!

xo, ff

FrillyFabulous Favorites*

5 Aug

I love weeks that fly by! They generally do go by quickly for me, so I wasn’t surprised that this week felt extremely short. AND it’s my birthday weekend! YAY! I’m sure ya’ll know from all of my birthday tweets that I just love my birthday and have been in full blown birthday mode! I’m excited for my weekend of birthday festivities (but staying 22 forever ;)). I’m to the point where I want to bake my own cake and decorate my house myself! Not that I don’t think anyone else is capable, I just love doing it! Am I crazy for wanting to create my own party decorations and birthday cake? That’s normal, right? I thought so. In honor of my upcoming birthday, take a look at some of my favorite birthday celebration ideas:

Favorite Theme: I died when I saw this party theme idea!! A Lilly party!? This can’t be real life. Courtney over at Pizzazzerie never seems to disappoint! Her themes & ideas are always flawless!

*photo via Doodle Love (Etsy Shop)

Favorite Birthday Sign: Although I love my birthday (it’s a holiday in my book) I haven’t been too keen on the idea that I’m going to be another year older. I know, I know, I’m far from being old. But no one wants to get older! I want to be foreverrrr young … if that song isn’t stuck in your head now, I applaud you! Seeing this birthday poster brought a smile to my face and made me a little less apprehensive about turning another year older!

*photo via Heartspeak (Etsy Shop)

Favorite Birthday Card: You’ll soon realize that I have a slight infatuation with stationary. This card is precious!

Favorite Birthday Cupcake: Totally diggin’ this birthday cupcake! Purple, hearts, cupcakes … All of my favorite things wrapped up into one little piece of heaven!

Favorite Birthday Tradition: I love a good surprise! Unfortunately, I’m very un-surpriseable. I catch on to surprises all too well, I never fail when it comes to figuring out a surprise! My favorite “surprise” was when boyfriend flew to CT for my 21st. He was still living in VA at the time and was unable to make it for my 21st birthday. I was beyond bummed! Although he kept reassuring me that he wasn’t able to make it, I was convinced it was all a cover up. When my dad found out that he really wasn’t able to make it to my birthday, and knew that I was 100% convinced that he was coming, he didn’t want me to be disappointed when he didn’t arrive. To keep me from being let down on my birthday, he had G get on the next flight leaving that day from VA to CT! So sweet!

Happy Friday!

xx, frillyfabulous


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