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A Bit of a Hoarder

24 Apr

Guys, I’m really starting to think I have a problem. So bad to the point that I may be at the early stages hoarder-ism (yes, that is now a word). Not one of those crazies that keep every item they’ve ever come in contact with, but one of those crazies that feel like it’s completely acceptable to buy every set of stationary I lay my eyes on. My addiction begins here. Yep, and here. Oh look, here too.

But you guys would tell me if I had a problem, right? Great– I thought so! But now that I think about it, having a whole room of my house dedicated to beautifully organized stationary wouldn’t be that bad, but rather a dream come true … hmm.

Really, how can you resist such beautiful pieces?

Feel free to buy them all for me. Or to find me a personal stationary artist. Choice is yours.

xx, frillyfab


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