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Garden Wedding Soiree*

21 Apr

Happy Saturday! I love low-key, relaxing days. Especially Saturday mornings! I generally spend my early Saturday mornings sipping on my coffee and catching up on my favorite blogs. I stopped by my favorite wedding blog this AM (nope, not getting married … I’m just one of those crazypants girls who have been planning their wedding since they were 10 … I haven’t scared G away just yet, so we’re in good shape ;) )

As wedding season kicks off, I’ve been getting invitations left and right to weddings over the next couple of months. Which I’m super excited for! Now although I’m not the one getting married, I’ve always had a weak spot for all things wedding related … Truth. Just head over to my ridiculously full “Here Comes the Bride” board on pinterest and see for yourself. I came across this beautiful garden soiree and have been swooning over it even since. Sit back, relax and get ready to indulge in a whole lot of fabulous. Add in the most amazing signage and stationary I’ve ever seen in the mix and yep, you guessed it … Perfection!

xo, ff

(all images via Style Me Pretty)


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