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Sending Love & Prayers

18 Dec


It is with such a heavy heart that I write this post. I’ve been debating whether or not to post about what occurred last week in Newtown. A town only two towns away from me. A town where my family resides. A town that is the story-book New England town. The act of violence that has occurred is unfathomable and is too horrible to even try to comprehend. And while I debated not writing this post, it seems to be all that crosses my mind. Like you, I cried as the news updates poured in and wondered how something so cruel could happen in our world–especially to the most delicate and innocent. A feeling of helplessness rushed in as my heart shattered for these families. I looked for an opportunity to let those affected know that they are not alone and that we as a community are there to shed tears with them, pray with them, and to help in anyway we can. While I know, no words, gifts, or acts of service will ever ease the pain, I want all of those affected by this tragedy to know they are in my heart and prayers.

I received an email about an opportunity for all of us to show our love for Newtown. An opportunity that we are all able to participate in. Simply cut out a paper heart, decorate it, and write a message of love. Address them to “Hearts of Hope” and send to:

Newtown Congregational Church
14 West Street
Newtown, CT 06470

The hearts will be delivered to cover Newtown with love from around the world. Hearts will be hung in local businesses, churches, and banks so that no matter where the people of Newtown go they will be surrounded by love and reminded that from this hateful act rose love and support.

My heart aches for those that lost loved ones & the grief we all feel is unspeakable. My deepest sorrows go out to the families of the victims, the first responders, and all of those affected by this horrible tragedy.

It’s A Feeling*

4 Dec

Anyone else excited that it’s finally acceptable to spread some Christmas cheer? I’ve been listening to Christmas music since July (Christmas in July, helloooo) & have been begging my family to put up all of our trees for weeks now, but they finally complied this weekend. All 20 something trees (it’s a bit of a problem, don’t get me started) are up and as glitzy as ever.

Christmas in my house is no joke. We all love Christmas and decorating our house like little elves has become a family tradition.

I was browsing through Etsy to see if there were any good Christmas finds and I found this little gem. How incredibly perfect.

Does you family get really into Christmas?

xo, ff
(find this print here)

Done, Finito, Stuffed–Thanksgiving Aftermath

24 Nov

Good morning, beauties!

I hope you all had an incredible Thanksgiving and spent plenty of quality time with your loved ones! My Thanksgiving wasn’t too shabby! :) If my life right now were captured in a photograph, it’d be the photo above … still stuffed & ready for a nap!

Did anyone else brave the crazies during Black Friday? I actually made out pretty well and was able to cross of a few people off my Christmas list! Yay!

I’m trying to unplug for most of the weekend to enjoy time with my family friends and to tackle my ridiculously long to-do list, but I’ll be back before you know it! Bring on the Christmas cheer!

xo, frillyfabulous
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Wordless Wednesday*

14 Nov

Happy Halloween

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!

I hope your day is full of treats (not a lot of tricks!), spooky stories, and incredible costumes! Enjoy it!

Happy Weekend!

15 Sep

Make it a good one! <3

xo, ff

9/11 — Never Forget

11 Sep

As today marks the 11 year anniversary of the tragic attacks of 9/11, be sure to take a moment to reflect on what happened September 11, 2001. Remember the devastation that occurred in New York, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania. Remember the innocent lives that were lost and the families that were torn apart that day by terrorists. Remember our brave service workers who lost their lives that day, and those that continue to risk their lives for our freedom. Take some time today and visit a 9/11 memorial or a 9/11 remembrance event that is taking place near you. Don’t miss the opportunity to commemorate those who lost their lives.

Remembering 9/11.

xo, ff

FrillyFabulous Favorites*

7 Sep

Hey ya’ll! happy Friday! I’m all about short work weeks, woohoo! … Not as excited as going back to full day Fridays though. It’s been real, Summer Fridays! As always, take a peek at what I’m loving this week.

Favorite Quote: So true!

Favorite DIY project: If there’s two things that I love, it’s wine and candles. This little craft project is bound to happen over the weekend.

Favorite Laugh: Oh you know, just me and the boys hanging out in the pool.

Favorite Fall Transition Outfit: I’m sure you all know by know that I’m a huge Fall fan. Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been cooperating. I stumbled across this outfit and think it’s the perfect way to incorporate your touches of Fall with your summer wardrobe (I’m going to need those pink pants ASAP).

Favorite Decor: I’m absolutely loving this color combo.

Happy Friday!

xoxo, frillyfabulous
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FrillyFabulous Favorites*

24 Aug

Ahh, another week done and over with. YAY! I’m ready to start my weekend! … Not ready to get my wisdom teeth out this afternoon though. Feel free to send sympathy cards and smoothies my way. Take a look at some of my favorites that have been keeping me going this week.

Favorite Celebrity: Can Zoey Deschanel be anymore flawless? I’ll have whatever she’s having.

Favorite Home Accessory: Be still my beating heart. Mason jar addicted!

Favorite Dessert: How elegant is this ruffle cake?

Favorite Gloss: Can we say perfect shade of pink? I need to pick one of these glosses up ASAP.

Favorite Furry Friend: OH.MY.GOD. Seriously, if you didn’t just ‘awh’ at this … you have no heart ;)

What are you plans this weekend?

xo, frillyfab
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16 Aug

Dear perfect craft room, please appear in my house. I’m pretty sure I’d be the most calm person if I had this little gem of a craft room in my house…atleast if I had the time to utilize it. Until then, back to the daily grind …

But on the bright side? Today is my Friday! Yay!

xo, ff


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