Romper Romper Romper!

6 Jun

My job calls for business attire 5 days a week, so after 40+ hours a week wearing heels & pencil skirts, the last thing I want to do is plan an outfit to wear for my weekend errands … which is why rompers are clutch.

Rompers are a loose fitting, one piece garment. Most popularly, rompers consist of shorts and a loose fitting top, but can also include jumpers and bathing suits. Rompers made their way from Europe to the United States in the early 1900′s. Originally, rompers were only a garment that children would wear, but now are extremely popular in women’s fashion.

The convenience of only having to throw on one article of clothing -and it’s comfortable?! yes, please!- to look fabulous makes rompers a winner in my book! And they come in bold & floral patterns .. double win!

1- $32, Delia’s
2-$18, Tilly’s
3-$28, Delia’s
4-$119, Alice and Olivia
5-$32, Delia’s
6- $22, Tilly’s
7- $60, Edit New York
8-$25, Tilly’s

If you don’t already have a romper, you’ll want one this summer -trust me- .. for the convenience, cuteness, and affordability!

xoxo, frillyfabulous

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